The Children's Commission on Poverty

Inquiry into poverty in school

The commissioners are leading an inquiry into what it really means for children to live in families struggling desperately to make ends meet. 

As part of this process, the young people held evidence sessions at the Houses of Parliament in mid-July, in which the young people and MPs questioned expert witnesses about the topic of poverty in school. Find summaries of the evidence sessions and blogs by young people who co-led the sessions on our news page. (A photo from one of the sessions is featured above.)

Learn more about the commission's inquiry and how you can provide evidence for their upcoming report.

See life through young eyes

The Children’s Commission on Poverty has brought children together to examine what living in poverty looks like through young eyes. Over 18 months, a group of 15 young people will investigate what living in poverty really means for more than three million impoverished children and teenagers across the country.

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